With a Flurry of activity, Our own Clubs restarting for the year, and even some first time Club Openings, the first month of 2015 feels like it was done before it started!

Welcome Back to another year packed to the hilt! In just under a month and a half, we'll be at the Queensland State Championships and for those heading to the World Champs, this same weekend will be the 30-odd strong Australian Team Squad's first get-together for the year. We'll have another Tournament with the obligatory Aussie Squad Shakedown in May for the NSW/ACT State Championships to be held on the scenic NSW South Coast before heading to London for the Unified ITF 2nd World Championships in July!


We have many more events queued post World Championships including at least two more Tournaments in August and November as well as a Master Seminar conducted by Master Dararith Nak in September. There is also set to be a number of UITF International Events this year in our region and information on these will be to you as soon as we can lock in these dates.

Enjoy 2015 while you can, I have a feeling this will be a busy yet rewarding year, and over before you know it - Not to get ahead of ourselves, but 2016 is (believe it or not!) panning out to be even bigger again!

Sabum Scott.