2014 Grand Master Hwang Seminar 


Click Here to Register Online! - Downloadable Form Here - May, 2014 will see Grand Master Hwang visiting Australia again.  This time, Grand Master Hwang will be conducting an International Seminar in Canberra on May 23rd, 24th and 25th, 2014.  This 2 and a half day Seminar will qualify for both International Instructor's Course and Referee's Course for the purposes of International Certification where appropriate.  For those who are eligible, Grand Master Hwang will be conducting Dan Gradings for All Domestic and International Ranks at the end of the Seminar (Sunday Afternoon), If you believe you are eligible, please contact your Instructor first or Sabum Scott Bower otherwise for further information and applications. Grading history, thesis and applications will need to be in 6 weeks prior (by close of business on the 11th of April) to be eligible for Testing.


About Grand Master Hwang

Grand Master Hwang, promoted to 9th Degree in 1997 by General Choi Hong Hi himself, has been a loyal and dedicated student of General Choi since meeting him in 1967.  He has learned Taekwon-Do from the founder non-stop since then until The General's passing in 2002.  Grand Master Hwang spent the last decade of the General's life literally by his side as his servant, his confidant and most importantly, as his loyal student.  Given the continuous Taekwon-Do Career with the General in excess of 35 years, Grand Master Hwang is without a doubt a valued asset to the pool of knowledge and experience that completes the legacy of Taekwon-Do today.  His knowledge of Modern Taekwon-Do as the General envisioned it is arguably unparalleled.


About the Unified International Taekwon-Do Federation

Incorporated as a legal entity in 2004, the Unified International Taekwon-Do Federation strives to teach Taekwon-Do as the Founder taught it.  The Unified ITF provides a central resource and community around the General's Legacy providing educational Seminars, Workshops and Certification against these resources.  The Unified ITF also provides International Competition and Open World Championships to showcase the Authentic Taekwon-Do and to foster goodwill among compatriots in the Art.


About Unified ITF in Australia

In a step away from Convention, Unified ITF Australia provides benefits to it's membership aside conducting Workshops, and hosting Unified ITF Seminars and Competition at subsidised rates. Unified ITF Australia supports the members that support it through the provision of Business development and guidance, Professional Development and Professional Sports Sciences consultation. 

Unified ITF Australia are a collection of supportive, focused and friendly practitioners who are, more importantly, non-exclusionary to any and all practitioners with a genuine desire to learn Taekwon-Do as the Founder himself taught it, regardless of your political alignment.  For potential members, Unified ITF Australia allows for a wide range of conditions that can be individually tailored to your situation.  You can take advantage of a complete turn-key solution, integrating you and where appropriate, your members as part of an existing National Club or conversely, allow your Individual Club and Personal Identity to develop unimpeded while providing an Internationally recognised and certified platform for support and development in Taekwon-Do through the Unified International Taekwon-Do Federation.