After an Excellent Weekend, Round 2 proved the competition is Serious and not to be taken lightly. It was a well contested and hard fought Tournament and the Hosts (Sabum Gary King, Sabum Robert Graf and all the members of the Woy Woy club) put on an exemplary event for all to enjoy.  Master Moore whom attended the event was very impressed with the talent on display and quite proudly, we brought back many more medals than we had competitors with a large portion of them being Gold! 

Notable commendations need to go to Mr Steve Wood who surprised us all with his first ever competition collecting a Gold Medal in his Patterns division, ousting more experienced competitors (....okay, by only One or Two tournaments admittedly... :D ).  For Mr Wood to be judged and commended in a Technical discipline as he was in his first ever competition showing is a feat unto itself.  He maintained his composure throughout his division and to his credit represented collectively himself, his instructor and the Canberra Team with great distinction.  Will Rooks, Mel Olin, Raina Singh, Nick Campbell all likewise were first time competitors and all were able to medal in their various divisions, namely patterns.  Mel went a further step by taking up Arms (so to speak) and entering Sparring where she was able to pull off an upset to almost reign supreme in her division of sparring winning her first Silver in the process.  Will Rooks also came first time competitor and blitzed his division on his way to Gold in Special Technique and has now been registered as a World Championship Representative possibility - Naturally we'll keep you posted.

Mr John Sutherland spent the entire day of competition officiating in his Umpire's Suit and with luck (providing his knee doesn't allow his leg to fall off), he may even make his next competition appearance as a Center Referee! As much as it isn't seen to be as prestigeous as bringing home medals, His efforts were integral to everyone competing and for that, we thank him immensely.

A Big Thank You must also go to the Team that organised and coordinated much of the weekend, Sabum Joe Muyot, Mr Guy Pedashenko and Especially Mrs Deb Vertessey for among other things, the Accommodation Arrangements!


Sabum Scott Bower