Hot off the heels of the Grand Master Chang Keun Choi Seminar, the Selections redux will get underway in Townsville on the 16th of June, 2012.  We have already confirmed a small contingent so far with a handful of potential reps yet to commit.  Not that luck has any part in the outcome but... Good Luck all the same!  I myself will be entering just to ensure I secure a place on my team!... :D

Entry forms and lodgement details are available online here. More information has been uploaded, Competition Rules, Entry Fees and further sundry info are downloadable here.  Mr Pedashenko is currently co-ordinating the assault on the Selections effort so please liaise with him if you intend to compete.

Also, for those who were unable to attend the C. K Choi Seminar, we'll have photos up in the Gallery shortly! Feel free to head over and burn green with envy with your missed opportunity, Those who did attend had an Awesome weekend!  Thanks should also go to Mr Pedashenko who expertly and almost single-handedly hearded this handful of cats through said weekend allowing us to soak up the event in all it's glory - stress free.


Sabum Scott